Transitioning to Suvien 2.0 by October 31st 2017

For the Suvien team to continue to help caregivers at not cost we need to transition from the server based old Suvien to Suvien 2.0. We have taken to time to listen to your feedback and we are sure you will enjoy the new Suvien.

On October 31st 2017 we will be closing down the server that holds the content (picture, music and videos) used by the old Suvien app. If you do not have the original picture, music or video, please take the time to download these pictures, videos and music. Add the content to your iPad or your Android device for use in Suvien 2.0. You can always remove the content from the server manually, however on October 31st 2017, we will be permanently removing all content from the server for your privacy.

Please see all the great new Suvien 2.0 features below.

New features of Suvien 2.0

Suvien 2.0 has several new features. These features were implemented with ease of access in mind.

Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices

Previously, Suvien was only available on the app store for iOS devices only. This was initially an issue with the original layout. With the updated layout, Suvien 2.0 is able to run on any size tablet that is running either Android or iOS.

Multilingual support for English, French, and Spanish

Suvien was originally made in only English. Suvien 2.0 is translated fully in English, French, or Spanish. In addition to this, the language support system is designed to easily accommodate new translations as they become available.

Offline access of content and the deprecation of Authentication

Suvien originally ran on a server. In order for someone to use Suvien, they had to have a valid internet connection to update content. Suvien 2.0 is designed to be a standalone app that uses references to the user’s content on their device. This benefits those using Suvien from a remote location or one without internet access. The only content that internet connection is required for is to play YouTube videos. Without the need for logging in, the user can enjoy their content without the hassle of creating an account, username, or password. There is also no threat of another individual accessing their personal photos or content through cracking. Suvien 2.0 is available at no additional cost With the old implementation of Suvien, we required users to make in-app purchases in order to access some of Suvien’s more advanced features. Now that the server is no longer required, Suvien 2.0 can be offered with all it’s features at no cost to the user across all platforms.

Addition of YouTube Videos

One reoccurring piece of feedback amongst our users was the ability to upload and play YouTube videos. Previously, this had to be added through the computer through conversion websites and utilities. Now, only the URL is required to add a YouTube video into Suvien 2.0. Internet connection is required for this feature.

Enhanced User Interface

Suvien 2.0 includes several different elements on the main menu. There is not only a greeting or message, but there is also the date, the current time, and an infographic that corresponds to the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night).

More User Preferences

Based on the feedback received regarding some elements (date, greeting, time), Suvien 2.0 has integrated user preferences. The user can toggle the greeting, date, and time for the user. Also, games can be disabled. The newest feature is the addition of an admin-user mode. This way, the caretakes can ensure that the user doesn’t change any advanced settings or navigates to an area they don’t know how to exit. This is enabled in advanced settings and can be turned off with a specific sequence of key strokes.

Customizable Written and Video Messages

Suvien 2.0 now has an enhanced messaging system. Messages can be in text, or recorded as video. They can be set multiple times a week as well as for as long as the user wishes. Multiple messages can also be set at once and the app will handle them in order.

The ability to add photos through a URL

Users can now add photos from social media sites such as Facebook with Suvien 2.0’s option to add through a URL. Viewing these photos also does not require a valid internet connection. One is only needed when adding.

Video Recording and Photography available in-app

If a user wishes to take a photo or a video, they can do so directly in Suvien 2.0, making adding the photo/video easier and faster.

Trial Mode implemented at the beginning to ease users into the app

Suvien 2.0 works incrementally. When the user initially boots up the app, they are presented with a limited set of features that they can use in order to become comfortable with Suvien 2.0’s features. After 8 pieces of content has been added, many more features become available. This way, users don’t become overwhelmed when they first boot the app. This also allows users to jump right into using the app before having to read the Setup Guide.


Many users commented that Suvien’s old way of randomizing content caused content they liked to be lost. Suvien 2.0 now comes with a Favourites option. When a user is viewing a piece of content, they can ‘favourite’ it and revisit them later.


Tags are another addition to Suvien 2.0 that solves the previous issues users had with Suvien’s sorting methods. Every tile can be tagged with a specific word or phrase. Later, you can sort the tiles by tag, so you can view tiles that are from a specific time or event.


Users now have a number of different filters they can apply to their content. A user can sort by the date added, a specific tag, by their favourite content, or just have it randomized.

New Memory Improvement Games

Suvien 2.0 comes out of the box with two games. These games allow users to make connections between photos and captions, as well as test their short-term memory. The first of the two is a classic card matching memory game where the user must match two of the same tiles. The second is a caption matching game where the user is given a set of photos and must match the caption with one of the photos.

Keystrokes made more user friendly

Suvien previously used a number of different keystrokes in it’s navigation (swipe, double tap, etc). This may have proven difficult to remember or execute for some individuals. Suvien 2.0 can be navigated entirely through clear and informative buttons and icons. The only feature that uses advanced keystrokes is the admin-user mode.

Elimination of common interface issues

Many users noticed problems with Suvien’s interface when it came to enlarging and viewing content. The most common issue was the cropping of people’s heads or of other content when enlarged. Suvien 2.0 makes use of tablet dimensions and simple math to render the photo at a size that the user can see, without any overhang. Also, when the photo enlarges it does so by fading into the screen instead of rapidly growing. This was done to create a more calming transition, seeing as how users often became confused or surprised when they pressed a photo and it enlarged rather quickly.